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 Prestige Pack

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PostSubject: Prestige Pack   Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:39 pm

In response to Shuzumi
'Should I just buy an instance boost pack from BCM or the prestige pack?'

Prestige Pack:

Cost - 1,200 NCOIN (15$ US)
Length - 1 Month
Included Items: Instance Boost Pack, Prestige Badge (30 Days), Prestige Case (30 Days), Lucky Scroll Pouch x5, *Subscription Reward (Depending on how long you were subscribed)

Prestige Badge

   Increases Kinah drop amount +100%
   Generates crystals which can be exchanged for items at a special vendor
   Increases drop rate by 10% for you and your party
   Increases speed by 5%
   Provides other benefits to the user (???)

- Kinah buff is useless unless you're a bot Razz
- The prestige crystals are useful for a few things: the AP boost 1 hour scrolls (costs 25 crystals per), and the potions, as well as a few other things.
- The drop rate is nonexistent.
- This 5% speed buff is probably the most useful part of this prestige pack. It helps in sieges, arenas, and open world pvp, as well as other things.
- I really don't know what this is as there really is no mention of what this exactly does.

Prestige Case

   Major Ancient Crown (up to 2)
   Mithril Medal (up to 2)
   Ceramium Medal (1)
   Ceramium Coin (up to 3)
   Blood Mark (up to 4)
   Greater Running Scroll (20)
   Greater Courage Scroll (20)
   Greater Awakening Scroll (20)
   Saam King’s Herbs (3)
   Big Boy Shugo Egg (3 days)
   Greater Divine Remedy Bundle [Contains: Greater Divine Life Serum (15), Greater Divine Mana Serum (15), Greater Divine Wind Serum (15), Reviving Elemental Stone (3)]
   Prestige Crystal

- It is a case which you can open once per day to receive one of the items listed above. Nothing special. However, it is nice to have a crown or two out of nowhere once in a while.

Instance Boost Pack

- Costs 400 NCoin (5$ US) and is up to you whether you wish to sell it for kinah or use it.

5x Lucky Scroll Pouch

- ~2m cost of kinah added to your pouch.

Oki now to the *Subscription Rewards part

For the first two months you get 3 ancient crowns, and 3 ceramium medals. And this eventually goes up the longer you subscribe but I do not believe it exceeds 12 ancient crowns and 12 ceramium medals.

After 6 months of subscription, you receive the Prestige Wings. These aren't anything special stats wise. It's much more useful to use the 4-Star wings instead. However, if you want them for a skin, they are pretty rare.

After 12 months of subscription, you receive the kinky Emerald Crestlich Mount. Again a very rare mount to see if you want to be fabulous. It's stats are as follows:
Emerald Crestlich mount - 12.8 Movement Speed / 16.0 Flight Speed

After 18 months of subscription, you receive the Cloudmaster pet. This is a pay-to-win pet, however, it is very annoying as it needs to constantly be fed aether cherries for its pay-to-win attributes. It gives PVP Buffs, as well as movement speed when fed aether cherries.

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Prestige Pack
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