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 Few fun facts about Aion Life

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PostSubject: Few fun facts about Aion Life   Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:33 pm

So let's list some fun facts about our Aion life?

Here's a few of mine~

1. I spent OVER 150 tempering solutions on plumes and have failed them all but one +5 which I sold =D

2. I spent OVER 300$ on the spin of fortunerk game and won absolutely nothing good =D (and that is why i hardly ever spent money on the BCM again lel)

3. I did OVER 500 Tiamat Stronghold runs in total to try to get the mount and never got it~

4. I have never actually done IS even once until after I had a full enraged set and all but one piece of the incensed set (yeah I bought it during the event that gave out mythic armor/weapon boxes #lazymodeftw) and zombiemastor carried me with azelya for my first IS

5. I was in Divine Serenity before I reached my first 60 on 3.0, and have been in it on at least an alt until 4.7 (although I myself was not active during some of that time)

6. I have only managed to +15 two eternal items (and ofc i never got a single mythic) - my furious longtooth greatsword =DDDDDD it only costed me 1b. And also a tahabata harp which i sold right after :L

7. I have always wanted to be an Asmo, going as far as buying an asmo account from a friend. The only reason I stayed Elyos was because of a couple elyos friends that made me return =P

8. I have spent most of my time on Aion jumping back and forth around sanctum

9. My friends list only has about 10-15 people =DD Hyosei and Coreline were part of it

10. When I was a newb, for a short while I had to pretend to be a girl to a few male crepes
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Few fun facts about Aion Life
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